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MSH Annual Reptile and Amphibian Super Expo 2010 Online
Registration and Payment

Advanced Registration: Before the show the per table rental price is just $25.00 per table. To register yourself as a Vendor fill out the information below and click on the buy now button to make a payment, complete the application, and reserve your table or to mail in a form click on the link at the bottom of this page to download the Vendor Application.

List your Website Here
What type of products do you sell?

Regular Registration: At the door the per table rental price is just $35.00 per table. Space may be limited so reserve you table in advance.

For more information about the event or to rent space at the event please contact:

Notes To Vendors:

  • Tables will be allotted on a first registered, first served basis.
  • Payment is due by September 1st for advanced Registration and by November 1st for the regular registration. To be listed on the website, Registration needs to be in by November 1st.
  • No sales of Venomous Reptiles or Crocodilians, animals requiring permits, Wild-caught Herp species native to Michigan, otherwise protected wildlife, or any obviously unhealthy animal.
  • Set up time is 8AM on Saturday
  • Tear down will begin promptly at the end of each show and not before.

Expo Information:
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