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MSH 2012 Benefit Auction

Sunday December 9th 2012 at 2pm

Fenner Nature Center

2020 E. Mt. Hope Avenue, Lansing, MI 48910

This event is open to the public and there is no charge to attend. The proceeds of the auction go to the Michigan Society of Herpetologists to be used for education and conservation. The following is a list of items that we know of in advance that will be present. Members will be bringing in new or used items the day of the auction and our auction committee is currently adding to this list. The auction is likely to include live animals, caging, care products, gift certificates, clothing, crafts and other related items.

For any questions Please contact Theresa Moran at oldherper@tds.net or 517-372-5730 if you have any questions related to the auction or if you would like to donate items. we cannot accept credit cards onsite so please bring cash or check to the event or paypal us funds in advance to use a credit card.

MSH Benefit Auction items list

  • Used Neodasha cages 6 with a rack
  • Wooded Tank with sliding glass doors, belly heat and lighting.
  • Bio Bubble Terra and mesh riser Brand new donated by Manufacturer.
  • 2 Live Central American Boas
  • and much more!

For the auction this year, if you have something to bring to donate, the club certainly appreciates it. We gladly accept any donation related to herps or other animals, with the following guidelines:

  • No live animals that require documentation or have obvious health problems
  • No cages or enclosures that have not been thoroughly cleaned out from previous occupants
  • Please fill out the small cards available with the item identified, the approximate retail value, and any other information that might be needed. Mark whether you would like to receive 50% of the sale price returned to you
  • Please restrict your donations to items that would be expected to bring $5 or more at auction. (smaller items tend to drag the auction out and would be better suited to being donated for our regular raffle)