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MSH Conservation Fund

The Michigan Society of Herpetologists is proud to launch our MSH Conservation Fund to help support conservation efforts in Michigan. The fund has two components a general fund that can support any Reptile or Amphibian related projects and a separte fund for Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake Projects. At the core of MSH's mission is conservation and we feel that being an active part in the conservation of Reptiles and Amphibians in Michigan can be one way to uphold that segment of our mission.

This grant is funded by the many activities that MSH does throughout the year and by direct donations. Futhermore the board of directors has also decided to use the proceeds from our "photo with a reptile" fundraiser to also fund the grants. All grants are to be awarded only for Reptile and Amphibian Research Projects in Michigan. Upon completion of the project a copy of the results are to be forwarded to the Michigan Society of Herpetologists to be shared with its members and partners. The Michigan Society of Herpetologists is to be acknowledged as a funding source for your research and or project in any printed, video material, or other media pertaining to your project. MSH will ask that a presentation be given to our membership at one of our general meetings upon the completion of the research project. Grants will be issued each time the fund reaches $500 and awarded to recipients on a need basis determined by the Conservation Committee of the Michigan Society of Herpetologists on a case by case basis.

To Apply for a Grant Click on one of the following links to download a PDF Application form to submitt.

MSH Massasauga Conservation Fund Application

MSH General Conservation Fund Application

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General Conservation Fund Massasauga Conservation Fund

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